Check out some of our fellow travelers and people who do good stuff.

fritzdoddy.comFritz Doddy - excellent composer, multi-instrumentalist and mate with a great new album and a well-honed sense of the ridiculous.
kevcomusicgroup.comKevin Hupp - a fave drummer and cool producer and songwriter.
ceilirain.comCeili Rain/Bob Halligan - one of the finest humans and talents in our cosmic Rolodex.
marcmuller.comMarc Muller - guitar, dobro, pedal steel, drums, you name it he does it; great producer as well (Steve Forbert) and he’s fun to play with too.
christinaciprianophotography.comChristina Cipriano - wonderful photographer who’s responsible for many of the photos you see on our website.
brianbriggsphotography.comBrian Briggs - another ace photographer and ‘brother’ who also took a bunch of the photos on our site.
destinationmusic.comOnline music community with a ton of old and new music, blogs, info and internet radio links (and they like us!).
iTunes.comBuy our first album here!
rhapsody.comBuy our first album here!

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